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Clevis Hanger

A CLEVIS HANGER provides for sizeable loads to be supported and for an elevation adjustment depending upon the pipe diameter. The lower nut adjusts the piping to the proper elevation and the upper nut, when locked into position, prevents loosening due to vibration.

Sprinkler Hanger

A SPRINKLER HANGER recommended to provide vertical support to non-insulated piping systems. By adjusting the position of the sprinkler nut on the hanger rod at the top of the hanger, pipe elevation can be altered.

Pipe Hanger with EPDM Lining

PIPE HANGER WITH EPDM LINING is recommended for non-insulated stationary pipelines in a horizontal position. It can be used for supporting pipes along roof.

Pipe Roller Stand

Recommended to support pipe in applications where horizontal movement, due to expansion and contraction, will occur.

Pipe Roller Chair

Recommended for support of pipe where longitudinal movement due to expansion and contraction may occur, but where no vertical adjustment is required.

Adjustable Roller Hanger

Recommended for suspended pipes in applications where horizontal movement, due to expansion and contraction, will occur and vertical adjustment is necessary.

Spring Hanger

Hangers are used to isolate suspended sources of both noise and vibration. Suspended mechanical equipment such as air handling units, FCU’s cabinet fans, piping and ductwork in close proximity to rotating mechanical equipment are typical applications of model hangers.

Single Arch Expansion Joints

  • Greater Movements
  • Higher Pressure Ratings
  • No gaskets required
  • Absorbs & Isolates Vibrations/Noise/shock
  • Reduces System Noise
  • Absorbs pipe Movement/Stress.
  • Available with tie rod assembly

Rubber Support Insert

Recommended to use at the supporting points of insulated pipes to prevent crushing of insulation

  • MATERIAL: 3 DENSITY: 1400kg/m

Waffle Pads

  • Designed within built suction cups.
  • Easy Cut design without tools allows job site flexibility
  • No need for bolting.
  • Easy field Installation.
  • Due to policy of continual improvement, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Closed Spring Isolators

Originally designed for use for Isolation of heavy equipment the Closed Spring Isolators are now widely used to isolate vibration from every conceivable type of rotating and reciprocating machine. Some examples being big Cooling Towers, Pumps, Chillers etc.

Metallica Expansion Joints

Bellows are a flexible piping element. The corrugation of the expansion joint is designed to be flexible in order to absorb pipe expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature.

Automatic Air Vent – Brass(BAV)

  • Pressure : 16Kg/cm2
  • Temperature : up to 120oC

Self Sealing Test Plugs (WTP Series)

  • Pressure : 35Kg/cm2
  • Temperature : -20o to 105oC

Gauge Cocks(GC Series)

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